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If you have any questions about a product or don't see something you'd like and would like to special order. We also would be glad to help you look through our website!

Our Telephone Number is (336) 771-0808

Please ask to speak with Kimberly. You may also text or call (336) 423-1306 to speak with her directly. She is our website manager and in charge of online store.

You may also email, please leave 2-3 business days to respond.

If you have any questions about a product we will try our best to explain through phone. At times sizes and colors may vary so it may be a little complicated to explain but we will try our best. 


How our online system works:

First off, we'd like to start off saying we're new to the online community. With many years in business we were hesitant to make an online but we made it! Thank you for all who is reading this or visiting our page to help make our dream come true! Maybe if you are just browsing.. or shopping it makes no difference. We are happy you landed on our page and look forward to cowboying you up!


After you pay:

We have disabled automatically charging your card for the following reasons:

We'd like to check and double check if your product is in our inventory and in good conditions. Since we have a location it makes it hard to keep up with inventory although we try our best. 

Therefore, we will manually charge your card when your item is ready to ship out. Please allow 1-2 business days to get your order ready.



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